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Friday, May 23, 2008

Visiting Iran first time in 21 years (part 2)

Heading back from where I used to live, it was time for dinner. My aunt had made a list of all the food she knew to be good, and wanted me to choose which ones I liked. Mmmm. In hindsight, I shouldn't have eaten that much. I did gain a few kilos in the short period I was there :-D
Oh well....

Food like "Fesenghon", "Ghormesabsi", "Mirza Ghasemi", "Joje kabab", "Cholo kabab" and more are all coming back to me...

Party party party

My cousin Bashir, on the left here, through a party for me and invited some of his friends. Now I don't want to say too much, but it was a pretty cool party, much like the ones we have here in Norway if you know what I mean.
But one thing that can never prepare you was the smoking. The house was filled with smoke. I had to go out and take fresh air every 10 minutes.
Not much more happened that evening. We ended the party quite early and went home singing in the car.
Here is a short video clip from that car...

The days that followed was spent on sightseeing in Tehran. I went to a big museum, which is a park and some castles of the old palace from the Shah time, plus some other cool stuff.
Here is some pictures from inside and outside of the museum.

These pictures are taken from outside of the museum. You can see the old cars which was used back during the Shah times.

These pictures are from inside of the castle. The rugs are hand made the one on the left was huge!

We also went to another castle where one could see The Marble Throne terrace.
It was a place where the former King used to receive gifts among other things when visitors came. There was also other gifts from Kings, Queens and other royalty as well as countries in one of the museums.

The king used to sit up on the throne and people would come from both sides and give gifts.

Here is right outside of the throne.

to be continued....

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