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Monday, May 5, 2008

Visiting Iran first time in 21 years

I recently went to Iran for the first time in 21 years. Back to the "motherland". It was a great experience, one which I had been looking for, for many years.

I took the flight from Oslo to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam to Tehran (Emam Khomeni Aiport). Typical my luck, KLM managed to forget my bags, so I was without a suitcase for a couple of days. I forgot to complaint to get some kind of compensation. Oh well....

I was greeted in the airport from my cousins with their better half's. It was a bit strange to meet them for the first time in 21 years, but that feeling was quickly vanished when I said my hellos and the hugs where given. My farsi, from what I believe isn't that good, but they were very astonished that I spoke so well. They imagined that they would have to use sign language or try to translate half of the words in english :-)

In the car driving to my aunts apartment, they put on a cd which they had found for me. The guy was singing "My name is Shervin", and it was pretty fun. They never did managed to find that CD again, because I was imagining myself driving around in Oslo with my new ride pumping the volume with "Esme man Shervin'e", which is translated my name is Shervin. Oh well.... :-)

Before my trip to Iran I had of course heard stories of the infamous traffic. Luck have it seems, I went to Iran during the holidays, so the traffic was non-existent.
Here is a little video from the traffic and other stuff. (Mind the poor quality, it was taking with my camera)

The first day my two cousins Hanieh and Hedieh, took me to the place where I grew up in Tehran. This is the place where I spent my first 5 years of my life. And this is how it looked like:

To be continued...

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