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Monday, January 25, 2010

"Too many open files error" when running TestNG in Eclipse

I frequently get this exception when trying to run a test from TestNG in Eclipse.

Open a terminal and write ulimit -n and you will most probably get 1024.
(ulimit -a) for everything. (I am running Ubuntu 9.10)

This means you can have max 1024 open files.

To fix this check this page out and follow the instructions.

setProperty must be overridden by all subclasses of SOAPMessage

Have you gotten this error message? Then you probably either upgraded from Java 5 to Java 6 in JBoss application, or you just tried to run your webservice client for the first time.

The reason your Webservice client call suddenly fails is because of a bug in JBoss WS with JBoss 4.x

I haven't tested this on JBoss 5, so I cannot for sure exclude this bug in JBoss 5. However, the bug seem to be fixed in jbossws-2.0.

The solution to this problem is to
Copy the three jars from <JBOSS_HOME>\server\default\lib to <JBOSS_HOME>\lib\endorsed.


More information can be found here