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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to reduce your re-deployment time

Are you tired of always waiting for re-deployment whenever you change something during development?

I sure am! Recently it has even become worse, because my Enterprise JBoss Application Server takes around 4 minutes to boot, and it is not uncommon that I redeploy the application up to 20 - 30 times during one day.
That's already  80 - 120 minutes per day accumulated that I just have to wait for the application to start, and what's worse, many times I am in the flow, and really concentrated on the task at hand, then I have to redeploy, and I will unset my mind and start browsing some emails, forums, etc and totally loose my flow. It's hard to get back in that mindset again.

Wouldn't it be awesome that whenever you saved a change in your IDE, that it would instantly be picked up by the application server, and reloaded? Why do we need to reload the entire application each time? It doesn't make sense.

JRebel to the rescue!

I have known about JRebel for some time, and I knew about its awesomeness. However, when I tried to install it a few years back, it was really tedious and error prone, and I couldn't really get it working correctly. But recently JRebel has been shipped with a new configuration wizard which basically does everything for you. It took next to no time to install it and get it working, and already it is saving me a lot of time. 

JRebel is just awesome, and every Java developer should (read must) use it!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Moments when you should sense danger in Chess

1. There has been a change in the pawn structure. Your opponent has 8 and you don't have any.

2. Your opponent begins to throw pawns at your eyes.

3. You have a position won but your opponent has a gun.

4. The Director tells you not to bother turning in your scoresheet after the game.

5. Before the game begins you notice your opponents 1st initials are 'GM'.

6. After completing your development you sense your opponent playing the endgame.

7. Just as you make your opening move your opponent announces mate in 11.

8. You don't control any squares at all.

9. Your draw offer sends all the people watching your game into uncontrollable laughter.

10. Your opponent has 3 bishops.

11. Your opponent slaps his head and cries "Noooo what a mistake!!", then few moves later, you are down a queen.

12. You announce forced mate in 7 by sacking two pieces, then you resign after the 8'th move.

13. You crush your opponent on the chess board, but the opponent crushes you with the chess board.