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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WSDL is not part of this compilation. Is this a mistake for wsdl file?

I tried generating a web service client based on wsconsume (which is located in the java distribution folder (bin).

However, upon running the following command:

wsimport.exe -verbose FooBar.wsdl -b Foobar Foobar-jaxb-mapping.xml -s .

I got the following error message:

[ERROR] "file:/C:/workspace/tmp/wsdl/FoobarProxy.wsdl" is not a part of
this compilation. Is this a mistake for "file:/C:/workspace/tmp/FoobarPr
line 5 of file:/C:/workspace/tmp/FrontenServiceProxy-jaxb-mapping.xml

I tried googling the error message, and most people suggested that the url had to be changed, and you needed to put #types?schema1 at the end of the url.
However, this wasn't what was wrong for me.

In line 5 of the mapping file, I am referring to the WSDL file. The problem was that in the WSDL file it said that the file should be located in the wsdl folder, and it wasn't. So I created a wsdl folder and put the wsdl file in the correct folder, and voila.

So next time, instead of just blindly googling the error message, I should have read more carefully and looked at the hint "line 5 in the mapping file".
Then I am sure I would have spotted the error!

Lesson learned...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Shervin.
Helpful post.
Sincere Regards,

greggy said...

Thanks for the Tip.

For linux users, the same errors could appear if the path contains a symbolic link to another folder

exemple :
mvn -B -f /var/lib/hudson/jobs/myJobToBuild/pom.xml

in my case, the folder /var/lib/hudson/jobs is a symbolic link to another mount point.