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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Advanced Seam series

In the upcoming weeks I will be posting some nice articles about some of the advanced features of Seam I know people have trouble understanding and incorporating. 

The articles will be a "three" (may be more) part series where I will cover the topics Interceptors, Filters and Asynchronous events.

I will show working real life examples of all three. You will learned:
  • What Interceptors are, and how you can use them and incorporate security techniques using interceptors.
  • Filters - Why they are useful to use. 
    • I will show how you can implement a filter that enables downloading of files without consumption of unnecessary memory.
  • Asynchronous - I will show how you can send a mail asynchronously

If there are any advanced areas you wish to know more about, let me know by writing in the comment section and I will consider adding them to the series.

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