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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Using Enum in your entity beans

It is quite handy to use an Enum, especially with type String. This means that the enum will be translated as a text field in your database.

Imagine the following Entity
public class Simple {
Process process;

public void Process getProcess() {
return process;

public enum Process {

Now, I initally thought, that since you are defining the enum type to be string, then you can simply query the database using string as well like this:
entityManager.createQuery("from Simple s where s.process=:process").setParameter("process","WHAT").getResultList();
However this doesn't work. You will need to use an Enum type. So the solution is to use Enum.valueOf()
entityManager.createQuery("from Simple s where s.process=:process").setParameter("process",Process.valueOf("WHAT")).getResultList();

Now the query will run and return your list :-)

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