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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Injecting checking of roles in Seam

It is well known that you can perform
on the view.
You can easily check for the role of the logged in user, by injecting the same thing.

@In(value = "#{s:hasRole('admin')}")
private boolean isAdmin;
If the user has a role of admin the boolean is set to true. You can also use the static method,

But the former is nicer right?


Shane said...

You can also use the @Admin annotation (or any other annotation meta-annotated with @RoleCheck).

Shervin Asgari said...

Hi Shane.
RoleChecking is for restricting a component to that role. In this example, all I wanted to know is if someone is actually a particular role or not, but not prevent them from actually using the component.

For instance.
(if admin)
//do this
//do that.

Also one other thing you must remember with @RoleCheck, and that is that you cannot propagate roles. You cannot say @Admin or @User. If you put @Admin and @User in your component, they have to be both those role.
To get around that you can use the @Restrict("#{s:hasRole('admin') or s:hasRole('user')}")