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Monday, October 13, 2008

No more Repetitive Strain Injury (RPI)

RPI or (musehånd) in Norwegian is something I have had problems with the last three years.
Read more about RPI here: RPI

Since I work as a developer and using a mouse every day, it has put a strain on my wrist. I have tried many different things throughout the years, like different types of mouse and such.
But I have finally found something that works! And that is the RollerMouse Pro 

This is how it looks like. The roller is used as a mouse. So you dont have to change position so much with your hands. And you use your thumbs to roll the mouse and clicking, instead of your point finger. Remember that when you buy the RollerMouse Pro it doesnt come with a keyboard. You can use your own keyboard with it. The RollerMouse Pro is quite expensive, but it was well worth the 2000kr I paid for it. It also works great on Linux.

I can warmly recommend this product.

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